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Get that poor quality design expertly Redrawn/Recreated.

Do you have a design/logo but the only copy is poor quality?

If you only have a low-resolution JPG or PNG version of your design/logo you need my Redrawing Service. With a low-resolution design/logo you will run into difficulties when it comes to using it for print jobs; more than likely it won’t even be up to scratch for use on the web.

I can work from your existing files to redraw your design/logo as a usable format. If required I can also incorporate any design changes or updates during the redraw; such as refreshing the fonts or colours for example. I am often asked to produce a single colour or white out version of a logo that is needed for a specific application, packaging, labels etc. Once your deisgn/logo is redrawn you have many more options when it comes to design and colour variations.

Even in this very digital age, Print Design is a powerful business tool. You will always need a business card, brochure, banner, flyer and other print collateral in promoting your company's products or services. A graphic designer can make sure everything goes smoothly. 


How your Business Branding is perceived will vastly affect the amount of business and type of clientele you attract, - * Lasting Effect * Lasting Impression -

It all starts here with MC Graphic Design Studio print design service!









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Print Management is about removing the pressure on you and saving you time, this starts with sourcing only the best suppliers with delivery to your door whether it be residential or business premises.
* Best Quality * Best Price * Best Turn around time

More Than Just A Design Company,

Your Partner In Creating Powerful Impressions

Gain an edge over your competition with MC Graphic Design Studio's web design services. 
Mainly focusing on basic websites - like business
 profile websites - to assist businesses with gaining exposure to the digital world, promoting your business and services offered.

Other than designing our own website, we have also designed for:
EMOM Sports Nutrition (ecommerce website) (This site has now been moved to our online store)
- African Sun Exclusive Travel (basic website)

More Than Just A Design & Print Company,​
we are on a mission to make a difference within the business industry by providing an opportunity to collaborate with each other. By joining together we will be able to reach more clients/customers and expand business growth not just in size but financially too. We will also be providing further discounts on design or print work for those who join our ITP Adverti-zing family.


* What is ITP Adverti-zing?

It is an in the parcel advertising initiative for businesses, to help generate more sales and new clientel.

* How does it work?

4 to 8 business can advertise on a A5 double sided, full colour leaflet.

Each of the businesses that advertise will get a portion of printed leaflet and all you have to do is insert a leaflet for each order that sent out.

How will this benefit my business?

Your business will be seen by fellow advertisers clients, which means you will be gaining new business and potentially reaching further into the UK market rather than just locally. Most importantly no 2 businesses on the leaflet will be the same so you dont need to worry about competing with a rival company. 

* How many flyers will I get and how often?

Each advertiser will get 250 leaflets every 3 months.

* How much will it cost?

£20.00 every 3 month
you can decide on signup if you want to do it once off or subscription)

* Get in touch to find out more about ITP Adverti-zing - In The Parcel Advertising.
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