Travel the world with Acuppa Coffee as we explore 12 single-origin destinations, creating 1 unique coffee tasting experience.


*Each month you will get to brew Acuppa Coffee from a different country!

experiencing the different tastes, flavours and aromas that each single-origin coffee bean offers.


*12 month subscription

*250g / 500g coffee (from the travel destination)

*Your choice of coffee grind

*Sign up for the year or choose to go monthly (cancel at any time)



x1 tablespoon per cup (8g)
Adjust accordingly depending on the strength you prefer.


Care Instructions:

Store away from light, heat, and moisture and ensure the package is closed or sealed to keep maximum freshness.



If it is opened and stored properly, it's best to consume ground coffee within one to two weeks, for the freshest and most flavorful taste. If you store ground coffee that is opened in the freezer, the timeframe is about one month solidly, and even up to five months.


Bulk Ordering

If you are interested in ordering in bulk for your office, restaurant or coffee shop then please contact us on for our wholes sale prices.



Price Options
World Tour
250g Coffee World Tour
£8.50monthly/ 12 months
  • This is the order in which the world tour will start, follow and end.
    *Costa Rica
    *Papa New Guine
    *El Salvadour