This is an issue close to my heart and I have probably written about it so many times, but it doesn't matter because your work environment can either make you or break you.

People feel they are alone - but they not alone - it's a fact that everyone suffers from some sort of mental strain be it stress, anxiety or depression especially in a working environment because the pressure is on and top that with personal issues add a bit of family issues you pretty much have a pressure cooker ready to explode. So it's important that the work environment show that they support their employees and understand. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of, I have one more But for you - YOU need to want to make the change because it doesn't matter if you have 10 people talking to you, if you not willing to open up and want the change then nothing or no one will be able to help you.

I'm not all talk. I have proven to myself that I can over come my mental health issues and its because I'm not ashamed anymore about it and because I want to become better. This is my shortened version of my journey, but it's proof that by placing trust in myself and a willingness to change that anyone can take the steps to become better and yes I still have my low days but I know now how to better handle it and yes I still have times when I do loose control but I am better aware of it and can find my anchor and shift my focus. Here is my story. I suffer with depression, I suffer from anxiety and I can top it off with personal issues from my past this is a combination that can lead to a mental breakdown with one simple trigger. 2016 I was on a downward spiral I didn't know why but I could feel it happening and work pressure was becoming a lot and little things started adding up and adding up and eventually on May 6th 2018 my down ward spiral began and my trigger that set me off on a dark journey was my mom passing away. It felt like I was in this dark room all alone, empty and cold and it was not until 2 months after we arrived in the UK that I couldn't take it anymore I had to make a change or things were not going to end well. This began my journey of mental health awareness. I was free from work pressure and I had time, lots of time to think and I made a decision that I didn't want to continue the way I was going, I didn't want anyone to feel the shame my mom felt about having mental health issues keeping her from seeking help which lead her to alcoholism leaving her feeling alone and unfortunately not healthy enough to fight off pneumonia and the other issues that started coming up while in hospital. People need support and those supporting need to know how to support the person too because as a family we didn't know how to support my mom. So I dove head first into becoming a mindful practitioner and it lead me on a wonderful journey of self discovery, delving into myself and coming back out on how to build trust and help other people through their mental health issues and through this I began to see how much strain the work environment adds to a person's mental state and that just by providing support and showing awareness in the work environment you could help someone feel a little better or perhaps help them of a self discovery journey that can heal their mind, body and soul. By this simple awareness and support you could create a happier, healthier and productive person and work environment.


Mental health awareness in the work place is so important and it is time we start taking the steps and putting in the effort to help employees/peers. Employers demand a lot from employees and its no wonder they do as competitors are at every corner literally and digitally so expectations and pressure are high. So as employers its our duty to ensure we check in with our employees mental health, bring awareness and show support. The best kind of support is providing them with individual or group mindfulness sessions online or at the work place #peersupport where they can see that mental health issues should be spoken about and that they are not alone. We all have something to overcome or work through so let's support our peers/employee and create a healthy and happy work environment.

If you or anyone at your work would like to chat to a mindfulness practitioner you can email me anytime and we can start working on your journey to a healthier mindset.

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