THE BRIEF - Getting to know your Designer


Designing as simple as it may seem to be to you, it is not to the designer.

First of all creativity is not easy, even if you are a gifted artist, it takes time and passion to create / brainstorm ideas for designs - especially when its not for the creative themselves. Designers have to READ YOUR MIND & BODY - ever heard the expression "walking in someone else shoes" - well is it possible?.... NO its not, only you know what you are thinking and wanting. This is why its so important to be as descriptive and detailed for your requirements for a design project, providing the right information - its why you should get to know your designer and why your designer should get to know you.

Creatives are trained professionals on understanding the basics of human functioning & thinking which helps them when discussing design projects to assist them to interpret your project correctly. They are designing a project that represents your business, which is a reflection of you / brand. This is why its their business to ask the right questions.

Designers are trained professionals in creativity; how to use space, colour, layout, font and images to portray your brand so it catches the eye and enters into the correct target market. After all you are marketing your business for a reason, so why not take the time to ensure it gets done correctly by a professional.

This is why we have - The Brief

It is a short insightful outline on graphic design, to help you understand the process and thought that goes into designing, its then followed by a questionnaire o gain insight into your business and your requirements and ends with off the record discussion just chatting one one one... this is me getting to know you , my future client :)

What are you paying for?

1. You pay a designer for their creativity but also their time - their time is where all their knowledge, skill and experience comes into play - brainstorming ideas and concepts, it takes time to create the concepts, finding the perfect fonts, colours, layout ect to give your design the edge to stand out.

What knowledge should a designer have?

A Graphic Designer should be trained in a vast area - design, print, marketing, advertising and finishing - with basic understanding of each area to allow for a more knowledgeable approach and out the box thinking (innovation), providing you - the client - with better service and eliminating back and forth emails / meetings with changes, its time wasting and frustrating for the client and designer - explain clearly and precisely or else be prepared to pay the price with shoddy work and a hefty bill.

What does it take to be a creative?

1. Patients

2. Mindful

3. Visionary

4. Willingness

5. Basic Psychology

Without these 5 elements you wont survive those difficult clients / deadline driven time frames and your mind will be cut off from the creative possibilities that is out there and the openness required to assist with understanding your client/design fully. You also require a willingness to keep learning, improving your skills within the design programs because technology and trends are ever changing.

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