The BABS Effect

Leaving this reminder for you! Your mental wellness is far more important than anything that is causing you to feel out of control, stressed, tired, grumpy and to the point that what you are feelings starts affecting people around you (your energy).

The BABS effect - Be Aware, Be Selfless If you suffer from Mental Breakdowns often, then it's time to check in with yourself and re-evaluate and most importantly it's time to give yourself an anchor, something thats visible to you all the time that becomes a reminder to stop breath and refocus. It's also important that we question what, why and how you can prevent placing yourself from having mental breakdowns. Once you have had a break through its time to keep your mind in perifrial view and in tune with your inner gut with daily meditation (this can take shape in any form, as long as its something you love and that can allow you some alone time to clear your mind). We tend to over think and overdo which leads to mental breakdowns. The goal of "the BABS effect" is to become better, rather than feeling better. If you feel that you are in a mental state that you can't get out of and would like someone help put you in the right direction - you can call on a mindful practitioner.

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