EMOM sports nutrition – Hey wait what does EMOM stand for? We will get to that, But first why I started EMOM Sports Nutrition.

For many years I would hit the gym lifting weights, running and playing sports, my goal was to up my protein and calorie intake so that I could bulk and then train to define and tone. My food intake was just not hitting my goal requirements. I was as skinny as a rake so could only eat small amounts, which weren't nearly enough. I still maintained that "food is the best source of fuel" but I knew that I needed some help to supplement my body to reach my goal.

What supplements do is they give you an extra source of essential nutrients to help maintain or improve your health.

I decided to do some research. Not knowing quite where to start I did what I guess everyone else does and entered the word “supplements” into Google. The result was overwhelming with links to hundreds of companies. The links took me to pages showing fit, well-muscled people holding gigantic tubs in extremely muscular arms, captioned with words like “MASSIVE GAINS”, “HUGE SIZE”, “TRUST US” and “GET YOUR ABS BACK”, all claiming to use the “BEST INGREDIENTS”. Most companies use the same “catchphrases”, so how could I know which to go with? I was also wary of the supplement store where I'd likely be met with real-life Terminator lookalikes who'd just try push supplements to earn their commission. I can't count the times I'd walk out of a store with “all YOU need” and more.

Skip forward a few years, actually a lot more years of swapping and changing my supplement brand, spending more and more money on what my friends and fellow gym buddies where taking which seemed to be working for them ... but never for me.

Meanwhile I had also found CrossFit as an alternative to the gym, which hooked me from the very first class! It fast became my favorite form of training and even if I ached and I pained, I went back for more, even going as far as entering into competitions.

For those of you not familiar with CrossFit terms, there is this one called EMOM which stands for EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE. This is one of my favorite workouts, no matter which exercise is linked to it. And so, it began.

I'm sure that many of you can relate to me when I say that I've tried most supplement brands out there, with varying degrees of success. None of them have ever quite been right for me. I want to create supplements that people want, by a company that stands true to their word, has great ethics, stands by their taste and the quality of their products, and most of all educates their clients. That's why I started EMOM Sports Nutrition.

EMOM Sports Nutrition is a company that supplements your lifestyle, training, recovery and your performance Every Minute On the Minute!

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