Money controls us.... NOT!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

"Only we are in control over ourselves, where we go, what we do and what we get and its all tied in with the choices we make and the limiting beliefs that we hold onto."

Money - What are your thoughts on money?

"Money comes money goes"

"Only the rich have money"

"Only the rich get richer"

"Money is evil"

Unless you were born into money then its safe to say even the rich had to work hard to make money, just like me and you. The difference between you and a rich person.... they worked wiser with their money. You wondering how, what do you mean... HOW can you say that, what are you implying about me... I'm not applying anything other than providing some insight and a different perspective about money and how we need to look at it in a different way. "Money makes the world go round" - this saying is very popular and unfortunately true, without money we won't get by in the world, yes yes you can live off the land growing your own food, hunting your own food, making your own clothes ect ect, but let's be real! We as humans evolved from that, so unless you willing to go back to caveman days then take a few moments to read this insight to money. What is the problem with our thoughts about money? We think money controls us (what I mean by this is - our belief that we are limited by the amount of money we have), but in fact we control money. Oh yes I said it - we control money... we just need to be wiser and change our perspective (think differently) about how we use money and see money. You need to overcome Stigma, fear, stubbornness and the 4th which I already mentioned - become wiser. You wondering to yourself who the hell am I to talk about money, I probably don't need to worry about money and you know most of the people that write these type of articles do have money. But I will stop you right here and tell you I don't have much money. I have lived from debt to debt and pay check to pay check, hell right now only my husband is bringing in the bacon while I'm perusing my dream of running my own business, working my ass off to embarrassingly only bring in "pocket change" each month and I mean literally like £187 a month for working every day almost all day. Now I'm not ungrateful for the pocket change but I certainly can't make our dream come true with getting our own house or being able to go on holidays or buy clothes when we need it. And the reason I'm not making more money is because of 4 reasons... Stigma about money, my limiting beliefs (fear), stubbornness and lack of wisdom. I also just want to throw in there that gratuity for what you do have is important, without it you won't be able to see perspective which is just plain stubbornness which is connected to fear which is also connected to the stigma placed on what we see and hear starting from childhood to current. And this leads to a lack of wisdom (mindlessness). Everything is interconnected in some way, its just about linking it all up to make one strong chain. Instead of broken up unuseful links scattered. (Unfocused, lost, unsure, always searching, resentful ect ect)

Here's a scenario. You living from pay check to pay check and one day you find £20 on the floor. Wow you super excited and think how cool I can use this to buy extra bread or treat myself. And hey nothing wrong with that, but what if instead of buying extra bread that yes will be nice to have but don't really need it as you have gotten by each month without it and yes treating yourself is good as you work hard... But reality is once its gone its gone and next month is back to normal. So! What if you took that £20 and rather used it to make more money... What more money! How?! Example: You could buy ingredients for eg cookies, make cookies and then sell them on social media ect. It may not make you rich but it will make you more money and you could continue doing this or take the money made and invest into something else that can make some more money and so it can continue. The rich didn't just get money, they worked hard for their money, they saw a bigger picture and worked wiser and that's how they got rich. So the saying is true "you got to have money to make money" , it's your perspective on this saying that will make a world of difference. This is working wiser with money. And to achieve this wisdom you need to loose the stigma of money, face your fear that's holding you back and throwing out the stubbornness of doing a bit extra (getting out of your comfort). What did I gain from this new found perspective? That I'm looking at money in a negative light That I need to be wiser with extra money. That I need to face my fear of failure, judgement and rejection which is holding me back from bringing in money. That I need to get out my comfort zone. What will you take from this article?

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