Speech & Language Therapist on a journey to a healthy balanced lifestyle

So how old are you:

I am turning 27 in June.

What's your fitness regime:

Normally I do my workouts in the evening. I run the 1,3km distance to the gym as a warm up. I do my sessions according to push and pull days for two days of the week then a day for whole body HIIT and a day for heavy legs only. I follow a lot of CrossFit style training as I used to do it in South Africa. My cardio days usually involve running up to 5km or intervals on the rowing machine. I try have one day of rest a week but it usually is an active rest day where I walk for 10km.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow:

Like many women, I have had my share of disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with food. It has taken me 5 years to reach my current eating habit. This is generally a 16:8 fasting regime where I eat a small lunch and bigger dinner. I do not avoid any food groups but I do not eat a lot of meat, purely because I do not enjoy the taste.

I eat differently every day and really enjoy trying foods that I wouldn’t eat during my restrictive eating in previous years.

My supplements are usually a protein powder, as I do not eat a lot of meat and a magnesium powder, which eases the cramps from my Dystonia.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them:

My personal goal is to live a balanced life where I am maintaining a healthy body and mind but also succeeding in my career. I am very motivated to keep active because I believe that physical energy powers mental capacity, innovation and perseverance. My main goals at the moment are to increase my muscle tone whilst building my career as a speech and language therapist.

I am motivated by my past, I have grown up with a neurological condition that is painful and impacts my ability to do a lot of tasks, including writing and running. At school I was always in and out of physical therapy, occupational therapy and remedial lessons- which made me feel like I would not be as successful as my peers. Fortunately I never had a defeatist attitude and with the help of my family I am now a speech therapist and Audiologist with a Masters degree and a fast growing career. My ability to overcome these difficulties has been my biggest motivator. I never shy away from a challenge and have a competitive streak- which helps a lot in the fitness world. I attempt a lot of sports, even if Dystonia makes it more challenging, this is how I ensure I stay out of my comfort zone. Exercise is a big stress reliever for me and that is one of the main reasons I love to workout.

Do you have a Personal motto and if so what is it: I live by the concept of Fortitude. This means courage through adversity. I apply it to every part of my life.

What's your prescription for Every Minute On the Minute Success:

My prescription for every minute on the minute success is to keep your head on the goal and not on the clock. Success is defined by what you do in the time you are given, not just reaching the end of it. If life was like an EMOM workout- I wouldn’t worry about what the time is and when the minute was up, only how I am feeling and performing. Success is how you do it, not that you did it. Every life success needs some help- be that the advice of a friend your or a food supplement to boost your health and performance, give it a try.

I believe that EMOM sports nutrition will change how you preform making every workout a better one, not just a completed one.

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