“A Journey of Self-Discovery”

"Challenges help Growth”

Challenge yourself, even your partner from time to time, set a deadline to complete or achieve the goal/vision of the challenge set out. It should be something that can be done within a short time frame.

It is not about setting out the impossible, its simply to encourage and push boundaries to allow an individual to expand and allow room for growth Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually (Examples: as a couple it could be learning something that is of interest to your partner - meditating, reading fiction, programming, hiking, cycling, gaming ect.

As an individual it could be learning a new skill, reading a book, exercise, volunteering ect.), anything that you wouldn’t normally do, or it could be a fear that you want to face/overcome. Be as specific as possible and allow a narrow time frame from 1 to 30 days.


Self-Discovery – Purpose – Relating to others - Learning about yourself, your capabilities, your strengths, your passions. - Learning about your partner (strengths, weaknesses ect.), an opportunity to bond, strengthen relationship, create a space for communication.

START LIVING TODAY not tomorrow, Face your FEARS,

ACCEPT failure as inevitable, but a chance to GROW.

It’s a Journey of SELF DISCOVERY.”

How can you know your TRUTH if you are too afraid to EXPLORE what’s out there…?

Is it fair to say that our purpose on earth is to help, care, assist…...?

If we create something, be it a business or an invention does it not help someone?

If we take care, nurse, love does it not help someone?

If we teach, coach or write books does it not help someone?

If we go to school, further our studies, take up hobbies, learn new skills does it not help ourselves?

Everything we do involves doing something for others or ourselves, so would it not be in our best interest to work together with others to achieve a common goal…. success, happiness, wealth, friendship, inventions.

Could that be the reason for relationships (work, business, love, partnerships, couples, marriage ect)?

Is your job just a job or could there be a purpose to it that you don’t see because you too focused on outer reason rather than inner reason?

outer reason:

materialistic - money, boredom, power ect.

Inner reason: Your “job” is assisting someone to attain their goal and success in some way or form.

Is someone helping you (that someone being a partner, a mentor, a colleague ect.), do they see your potential and are willing to invest their time into guiding and pushing you towards your goals? (this doesn’t mean you should just sit there and expect everything to fall into your lap… no no no no no. You must put the work in too; by showing up, your willingness, positive attitude, motivation to learn, facing fears, honesty and communication.) This applies to any sort of relationship.

“If people like you they will LISTEN to you, but if they TRUST you they will do business with you”

So in conclusion to this article would it be WISE for us then to to CHALLENGE OURSELVES OCCASIONALLY AND CHALLENGE EACH OTHER!

Let this article be the reason, a motivation to pursue such an outrageous STATEMENT.

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