Together Lets Make A Difference

Creative Working

more than just a print & design company

Charity Pot 2021
January £7.31
February £0.00

March £29.47
April £1.00
May £16.23
June £13.41
July £14.80
August £22.47
September £17,70
October £27,25





More than just a design company

The purpose of this initiative is to generate a percentage of money for non-profits and organizations in need.


We believe that every Person & Business can make a difference in the world; when I sat thinking about this bold statement and how my business could be part of making a difference it occurred to me that it could not be achieved without the support of clients/customers. There was only one way of making this Initiative work and that was to dedicate a percentage of money made from each design, print and product sold - this way not only was my business achieving this bold statement of making a different, but it would include you our client/customer. Without your support this Initiative will not be possible.




Katy Hedgcock

Founder & Director of

MC Graphic Design Studio

& Mindful Initiatives



Money Raised in 2019 £284.15

- Santa Cause For Paws £63.15
(South African Charity)

- Diabetes UK: Million Step Challenge £10.62

(UK Charity)

- Raising Smiles: Magazine AD £171.00
(UK Charity)

- Ollies Army: Fundraising through Footprints 
Nursery Bollington